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Jan 31, 2013 6:00am EST
site and was a danger to the pups. (yipping) uh-oh. let's get out of here. wait! don't run. right. she'll see us as prey. nothing triggers a predator like prey on the run. (growling) we need the power of the pack. activate wolf powers. nobody's gonna mess with us in our wolf power suits. tell that to the cougar! (yipping) thanks for the hair brushing. (yipping) (cougar screaming) we can't beat her in the short game for long. switch to marathon running! on your mark get set, go! chris: she's tiring. a sprinter like her can't keep up the pace for long. now we've got the cougar beat because we wolves are marathoners. wow, i feel so light like i could run like this forever. that's the power of the wolf! (cawing) (cawing) amazing. we've only been wolves for two minutes and already a raven has found us. well if he found us, he can find other wolves. and maybe lead us right to little howler's pack! (howling) follow that raven! follow the wolf brothers following that raven! martin: this is awesome. it's like i'm wolf man and the raven is my sidek
Jan 15, 2013 1:00pm PST
ride free. this year's promotion got a boost from our friends at phillip yips 66, who underwrote the campaign with their sponsorship we were able to acquire additional advertising in the form of multi-lingual spots and traffic reports and led signage on the approaches to the bay bridge from december 26th through new year's eve. a centennial video produced by sfgovtv and the agencies's marketing department will be shown to the board on its january 29th workshop. looking forward to that. the agency has also developed various promotional items to be distributed to employees this month that include commemorative pins, centennial shoulder.s and coffee mugs. lastly on december 28th, members of the mta board and director reiskin visited many operating administrative divisions to personally thank our frontline employees for their dedicated service. staff really appreciated hearing from you and a special thanks to director lee's wife for the fabulous cupcakes. a short update on the court of appeals ruling on our bike program that was released yesterday. as you know in 2009, the mta boar
Jan 9, 2013 11:30am PST
. are there members who wish to speak on item 4? >>> good morning, supervisors. my name is douglas yip. looking at this meeting agenda, i notice that this item number 4 also appears on page 3 and on page 3 it says the following legislation will not be considered in this meeting. both of them have the same reference number, 121 196. so, maybe we should add least explain to the viewers what is exactly going on here. thank you. >> thank you very much. are there other members of the public who wish to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you. >> i believe what mr. yip is referring to is legislation under the 30-day rule. is that correct? this might be a question for the city attorney. thank you for bringing that up for us. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney. i left my agenda in the office. but yes, the same item is listed in the section of the agenda for legislation under the 30-day rule. and that does not preclude -- i think thats was probably an error and it doesn't preclude the committee from acting on the item today. >> okay. so, we have the item agendized on the c
Jan 29, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >>> coming up at 6:00 team coverage of today's developments in the kef yip collins case we broke here first rmt. plus, dan noyes spoke to collin's mother about the man with the big black dog she's wondered about all of these years. also a lesson for lawmakers on which guns are legal and which aren't and a number of people who own guns in california are not supposed tox those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> thank you. see you then. >> a diving dog weighed in on the super bowl. >> that is right. meet captain skipper from florida. he made it his day
Jan 12, 2013 7:00am PST
activist, yip harburg you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. at&t. >> yip harburg, wrote songs from 'paper moon' and some of the songs from 'wizard of oz'.. >> i was thinking just how completely at talented he was. with a song writer, a lyricist, and a social activist. and he is even going to be performing some of his own songs with grape and nosh. people have fallen in love with him. and-- panashe.. >> absolutely, with the wizard of oz. he did great with other songs, with even the from the grott of ragroucho markx and also, he was blacklisted because of this humanitarian issues. for women's issues. and keeping the prejudices' against blacks. and he essentially
Jan 9, 2013 11:00am PST
is douglas yip. i would like to speak in favor of this resolution. i think anything we do for the poorer citizens of san francisco is a step in the right direction. also i would like to thank this committee for holding today's hearing which is occurring today, which is more than i can say for tomorrow's cancellation of audit and oversight. thank you. >> thank you. are there other members of the public who wish to speak on item number 1? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor avalos? >> thank you, chair chu. just a quick question. it's about -- we have funds from the general fund, funds from the department of technology that are going to be the matching funds and is there an appropriation or budget for those? >> yes, they're in the existing fiscal year 12-13 budget already. >> great, thank you. >> thank you very much, colleagues. we have this item before us. do we have a motion to send the item forward? >> motion to approve and move forward with the recommendation. >> we have a motion to send the item forward with recommendation and we can do that without objection. thank you.
Jan 9, 2013 12:00pm PST
to speak on item number 7? >>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is douglas yip. i would like to speak in opposition to this resolution. listening to what i heard just now, it seems to me to confirm my own analysis that this is a very high-risk project. and if the city wants to improve access through the underground transportation system, i would suggest you follow-up improving the j church line which has been discussed. and also the switching problems at duboce and embarcadaro areas. so, i think the insurance that's being discussed now, it seems to me like there's references that have kind of a high cost. and realistically high costs reflects the high risk inherent in the project. so, maybe somebody is trying to get someone's attention that maybe you need a lot more insurance at a lot higher cost because ultimately there's going to be a lot higher risk in the future. thank you. >> thank you. are there other members of the public who wish to speak on this item number 7? seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you. just in response to the previous speaker, i know many folks have co
Jan 2, 2013 10:00am PST
is buoyed by a better than expected report. joining me, ruth marcus, also greg yip. welcome both. the markets just reacting to this last-minute deal? other fundamentals that you are looking at? >> mostly it is the deal. the deal does three things that the markets are happy about, number one, taxes in the new year, number two, removes some of the uncertainty about fiscal policy that's been plaguing the markets and business for a number of years now. these tax rates are now permanent, also a small but permanent capital gains and dividends tax increase. but looking beyond the fiscal cliffry, we've had a positive economy and i think the markets and investors in the public are hoping they can focus on business as usual and less on washington and what they see tends to be rather upbeat. >> at the same time, people are facing tax increases because the temporary tax cut expired and wealthier people are facing an actual tax increase. middle class people, $450,000, $400,000 for individuals, $450,000 for couples are actually not going to face the tax boosts they otherwise would have had. wh
Jan 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
time the dog has been mistakener for a lie yip that is remarkable. from a distance, i can see how you could -- >> in the dark. >> yeah.
Jan 28, 2013 5:00pm EST
demons on his shoulder. gary: driveries, maybe? i don't think so. -- driver yips, maybe? nick: have you read my book, gary? gary: yes, i have. very short. i will say he had to wait 20 or 30 minutes between shots. that's got to be difficult, especially in 24 cold to keep the rhythm in your golf swing. ian: that's a good point. it's actually five hours total, the 16 holes he's played yesterday and today. five hours right now. gary: there we go. david: at the scripps institute that can perform majoren surgery in less time. gary: if i'm betting i would say there's no way he hits that fairway. if he does, you? but it's a dogleg right to left and there's stuff on the left you cannot even think of hitting. we've seen before. peter: i don't think you'll see him aiming left toward the trees and the hazard and trying to cut it back in the fairway. nick: here's what we've been ranting on about. this is the tee shot at number nine. not a lot i can say to that one but right going right. seriously right. and then this is the one on 15 when he's probably trying to cut it left to right and it's smother
Jan 29, 2013 4:00pm EST
bride and greg yip from "the economist" and ryan dietri dietrich. gentlemen, good to see you. thanks for joining us and thanks for joining us tonight. greg, what gives with this market? what's with this market? >> run a long way in a short period of time really without stopping for a breath. saw it with amazon, and i think you'll continue to see it this year. top line revenue growth is an issue. eventually market revenue will run into it. >> by the way, we're running into it right now. amazon reported revenue below estimates. does revenue stock the story of the rally going toward in is amazon a problem tomorrow? >> whether or not that's a catalyst for this market to take a breather or have a correction remains to be seen. a lot of headwinds to face whether it's top line revenue growth or something out of washington. eventually we'll have to deal with spending cuts and the debt ceiling debate. whether or not that's it. for the meantime, the markets run a long time just because they are soaking up all the stimulus from the fed. >> a lot of stimulus from the other central banks cutting trase today.
Jan 15, 2013 4:00am EST
so you can compare them. the other thing is to spend more time looking at major yip. if you look at the stocks recently come out, there has been more focus on the margin than we've seen in the past. >> that's the bottom right is that we've been protecting margin, right? >> right. i think a time of people have been focussing this year compared to last year on protecting brands and protecting margin peps so we're not seeing such early and deep discounts as we did in 2011. >> does that mean a better 2013? >> 2013, more of the same, i think, in oerchls consumer spending. >> high utility bills are still going up and squeeze on real pay continues. >>> still to come, we'll look ahead to the u.s. trading day. what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office. >>> welcome back to "worldwide exchang
Jan 18, 2013 7:00am EST
! i'm okay! whoops! huh? what? huh? ooh! argh! whoo... whoo... argh! ow! oh! argh! (yipping) (grunting) ow! (grunting) (goofy grunting) (yapping) clumsy sausage? who are you calling a clumsy sausage? (yapping) at least she didn't fall down again. there you are! feel better now? oh the indignity. (martha whining) (continues whining) (wind whistling) (wood creaking) (pounding steps) huh? (pounding footsteps continue) (gasps) ♪ ♪ (gasps) (gasping) (whimpering) (yelling) (grunts) (gasps) ♪ ♪ (gasps) (laughing yaps) (laughing) (all laughing) helen: martha! martha! hey. (relieved sigh) chasing rabbits? just being clumsy. really clumsy. were you dreaming about the agility course again? yuh-huh. francois was right there laughing at me. i bet all dogs fall down on the first time. you just need practice. no. francois is right. i'm a clumsy sausage. i'm never going to move in public ever again. ever? (panting) sure is a nice day for a walk isn't it, martha? (whimpers) come and get it! (barking) (groans) (grunting, panting) (soft grunt) (frustrated sigh) so, why isn't martha
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)